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Welcome to Nutrient Control Systems offering innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture and industry.

North American distributor for Cri-Man products and equipment.


Mixer & Pumping Systems, Manure Separation Systems, Manure Bedding Systems. See more...


Composting Solutions, Clean Water Systems, Pulse Jet Systems. See more...


Industrial Waste, Municipal Waste, Food Processing Waste. See more...

Cri-Man Products

Cri-Man Professionals at Work®
Solutions for livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial waste streams. See more...


Service, Parts, Dealers.
See more...


We do more than sell equipment, we use equipment as part of an integrated solution. See more...

Recent Products

You can also browse our Products Page.

These pumps, equipped with multi-channel impeller and double chopping system in... + details

These pumps are mounted on frame and coupled with electric standard motors by a... + details

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Nutrient Control Systems
126 Sunset Blvd. East
Chambersburg, PA 17202
Phone: 717-261-5711
email: info@ncsysinc.com

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