Tapered Screw Press

The TSP-1108 Tapered Screw Press has a simple yet efficient design. The press features a perforated screen-lined and tapered compression barrel, which contains a tapered screw auger. This exclusive tapered design allows for pressure application in both the x-axis and y-axis to effectively dewater the influent material to a maximum dry matter content of up to 50%.

As influent is transported through the barrel, it becomes increasingly compressed as the diameter decreases towards the discharge opening. A pneumatic compression cone applies axial pressure to the pressed material for increased dewatering as it begins to exit through the discharge opening. The screen of the perforated compression barrel is specified to enable effective solids capture and water removal. A sloped collection tray catches the water effluent and allows it to flow to the discharge pipe. A gear reducer is utilized to reduce motor input speed and increase torque availability to the driven screw to convey pressed material during the dewatering process.

The liquid fraction can be used as a fertilizer and for irrigation.  The solid fraction can be used for cattle bedding and more.

The use of screw press separators is also recommended as a pre-treatment in nitrogen-reducing plants.

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