North American distributor for CRI-MAN chopper pumps, mixers, screw press separators and aerobic digesters for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas and civil/industrial effluents.


View our range of manure screw press separators designed for processing livestock slurry, slurry screw press separators for biogas, and screw press separators for civil, agricultural and industrial effluents, with screen inspection window, screw treatment, screens, planetary gearbox, side supported screw front, sealing system, sealing inspection window, and smart piping input.


View our range of mixers and agitators used for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. They have planetary gearboxes, high axial thrust efficiency, double sealing systems, self-cleaning propellers, thermal probe sensors.


View our range of chopper pumps designed for livestock slurry, manure, biogas and civil, agricultural, industrial effluent processing plants, with double chopping system, high hydraulic efficiency, double mechanical seal, and thermal probe sensors.

Hygienized BioCell

The CRI-MAN range of aerobic digesters produces high-quality Organic Fertilizer and Bedding Recovery. The machine’s electronic control system ensures hygienization of the material through a pasteurization process.

Roller Press

A highly reliable and efficient machine for both thickening and dewatering application for a variety of effluents.

Tapered Screw Press

For maximum dry matter in dewatering solids, the press features a perforated screen-lined and tapered compression barrel, which contain a tapered screw auger.

NCS Centrifuge

NCS has the design expertise and complete equipment package needed for an effective centrifuge systems.