Extracting fiber from slurry for cubicle bedding may sound like a strange idea, but the trend is catching on all over the world. Farmers are seeing the difference by reducing mastitis levels and producing healthier milk. Cow comfort is a priority to dairies and our Cow Fibre Recovery System is just that.

Because the bedding does not have to be purchased it is liberally dispensed into the cubicles. The comfort is encouraging cows to lie down longer and less hock damaging. Therfore, cows produce higher yields, live longer, and the udders in particular also cleaner.

Key Benefits:
• Make more bedding than you can use.
• Reduce solids in your storage.
• Increase liquid storage capacity.
• Reduce Phosphorus content of liquid.
• No need to purchase bedding.
• Buy a complete engineered system with fully automated controls.
• Thousands of installations worldwide.

A Happy Cow is a Healthy Cow!