HBC Hygienized BioCell


Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents.  The machine’s electronic control system ensures hygienization of the material through a pasteurization process.


By balancing the savings obtained from using hygienized solids in the place of traditional bedding (straw, sand, sawdust, etc.) it can easily be verified that returns on the investment are achieved within a few years.



  • Only vertical composter in market for bedding cows
  • Eliminates need for sand/sawdust expense
  • Control system is user friendly
  • Guaranteed pathogen kill
  • Total energy consumption is low with 6.5 kW motor
  • Aerobic process activated through air exchange
  • Complete engineered bedding system with low operation cost


  • Return on Investment within a few years
  • You will always have more bedding than you need
  • Opportunity to sell your bedding
  • Clean cows with lower mastitis count
  • Reduce Phosphorus in the effluent


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